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Paranormal Romance

Let's Talk Paranormal Romance I've recently been reflecting on my journey to reading romance.  To me, it felt like it was a recent change in my reading.  I used to read a ton of fantasy, then when I started my bookstagram account, I was reading a bunch of suspense/thrillers and women's fiction.  Now, I'm back to reading a bunch of fantasy and also a bunch of romance titles. I read fantasy my whole life.  I still remember my mom reading me A Wrinkle in Time.  But when did I start reading romance?  Again, I recently realized it was something I started when I was pretty young - junior high or high school.  When I was younger, I'd borrow MMP copies of romances that my mother or grandmother had.  These were more traditional romance authors like Anita Shreeve or Nicholas Spark .  Then, I stumbled upon paranormal romance.  At the time, I would have told you that I read fantasy books.  And while I read a ton of fantasy that wasn't paranormal romance, upon reflectio

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