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Book Review: Start Without Me

Start Without Me by: Joshua Max Feldman
Thank you to TLC Book Tours and William Morrow paperbacks for my free review copy.  All opinions expressed below are my own.

Introducing Adam and Marissa.  The two meet getting coffee early on Thanksgiving morning.  Adam is a recovering alcoholic who is avoiding his family for the holidays.  Marissa is just coming off of an overnight-er as a flight attendant and is dreading seeing her in-laws for the holidays.  This unlikely pair unite for the day to share a ride, but end up supporting each other more than either would expect.

Start Without Me is not your typical holiday read.  First, it takes place at Thanksgiving - a concept I found pretty unique.  This book is honest, gritty, and a bit uncomfortable.  Do not come here for your happy ending (well...maybe...) and do not expect your stereotypical Christmas miracles and uplifting family dynamics.  This book is REAL, folks.

I actually found both Marissa and Adam to be pretty likab…

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