Book Review: The Witch of Willow Hall

The Witch of Willow Hall
by: Hester Fox

Thank you to Harlequin Publicity Team for the free finished copy of The Witch of Willow Hall.

A scandal has occured and the entire Montrose family is moving from bustling Boston to the small New Oldbury to escape scorn.  As the reader, you don't quite know what the scandal was, but -don't worry- it will be revealed.  We shortly realize that their residence, Willow Hall, is not the idyllic escape they envisioned.  The cover reveals that there is one last witch in Boston, only she doesn't know it, so that is not giving anything away.  This novel is filled with romance and a bit of witchiness as well.

Take The Witch of Willow Hall for what it is - a romance with some witchy elements thrown in.  I'll be honest, I was hoping for more witchy vibes.  This was such an atmospheric and somewhat creepy read for the first 100 or so pages, and then it seemed to turn into a historical fiction romance.  I went into this one after reading Rules of Magic and I incorrectly expected more about the witch, especially since this is part of the title and advertised on the cover. I love fantasy and witchy reads, so it missed the mark just a bit by keeping these aspects in the background.

I'm so glad that I read this in October!  It had so many fall vibes and it really put me (and my Arizona mind) into the fall mood.  I definitely think you will get more out of this novel if you read it seasonally. 

As far as a historical romance, I felt that Hester Fox did an amazing job.  I could picture the era and all of the characters and buildings perfectly.  I felt transported to New Oldbury.  The romance was a little bit predictable, but in a good way.  You felt like you knew what you would get.

Overall, The Witch of Willow Hall was a 3 star read for me.  I enjoyed reading it, but felt disappointed by the lack of backstory with the witch trials and magic involved.  For me, this novel could have gone much farther if these elements were elaborated.  If you pick it up as a fall-themed romance with some background witch feels, then it'll likely hit the mark.


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