Book Review: Goodbye, Paris

Goodbye, Paris
by: Anstey Harris

Thank you to Touchstone and Netgalley for the free e-copy of Goodbye, Paris.

Goodybe, Paris tells the story of Grace, a previous cello player who now owns an instrument shop and builds her own instruments.  Grace is having a long distance affair with the love of her life, David.  After witnessing an accident, their lives and relationship are thrown into the spotlight and everything changes for Grace.  Will Grace be able to find personal and professional happiness?

It took me a while to get into the story for Goodbye, Paris.  I even went as far as posting an Instagram poll questioning whether I should DNF (did not finish) the title.  Once I pushed past the 50% mark, I'll admit that I really enjoyed this novel.

Growing up, I played the violin from fourth grade through twelfth grade.  I think this helped me really enjoy the musical aspects of Goodbye, Paris.  I was nowhere near as good of a player as Grace, but I did spend summers at orchestra camp and had a much too expensive (for me) violin that I adored. It was easy for me to envision the entire musical storyline and I was surprised at how much I related to these characters.

Online, I sawthat Anstey Harris' writing is compared to JoJo Moyes, and while I didn't realize it while reading, I would have to say I agree with this compliment.  I'd recommend this novel for fans of JoJo Moyes and for the classical music lovers out there.  Its ultimately a heartwarming story that transports you to another world.


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