Book Review: The Proposal

The Proposalby Jasmine Guillory

Date Finished: July 15, 2018
Date Published: October 30, 2018
Format: E-book from Netgalley
Publisher: Berkley

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher (Berkley) for the free e-copy of The Proposal.  All opinions expressed below are my own.

Every girl dreams of a grand public proposal...right?  Well not Nikole.  Especially not with her casual boyfriend.  Especially while at a baseball game she doesn't want to attend.  And especially when he doesn't even spell her name correctly on the screen!  So starts The Proposal.  Needless to say, Nikole does NOT accept (I promise that is not a spoiler), but she is luckily rescued by a couple of other fans.  The Proposal tell's Nik's story after the proposal goes totally wrong.

I read Jasmine Guillory's The Wedding Date this past winter and found it totally charming, so I was excited to see The Proposal as an option on Netgalley.  Thankfully, Berkley approved me for an e-copy of The Proposal, which is the same format that I read The Wedding Date.  

I think you'll love all of the cute (and steamy) shenanigans in The Proposal.  Plus, the main characters love food (in this one we have tons of gourmet cupcakes and Mexican food!).  I especially loved that Nik was independent and didn't need a man in her life to feel complete.  I also adored that Carlos was so close with his family and was an awesome cook (swoon!). Plus, our favorite couple from The Wedding Date makes an appearance!

I am quickly falling in love with contemporary romance.  I love the sweet couples going through every day problems, but ultimately finding love.  I love the new trend of independent women and even role reversals (think Kiss Quotient).  Plus, I'll admit it, I love the occasional steamy romance scene.  So publishers, pick more of these titles!  Oh, and go ahead and send me a copy when you do!

I would have to rate The Proposal a strong 3.5/5 (rounded up to 4) stars.  I enjoyed the story and really liked the characters, but it was simply missing that something extra for me.  That being said, I think fans of The Wedding Date and Kiss Quotient will adore The Proposal.  I sincerely hope this is a new trend and we'll see more and more books like this being published.


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