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Winter Reads

Winter Reads While I love what winter brings - holidays, time with family, skiing, comfy clothes and lots of food - I hate cold weather.  So, Arizona is a great fit for me.  One thing that is hard for me is that it never really feels much like winter in Phoenix.  This year, I've decided to commit a chunk of my November and December reading to holiday or winter themed books.  Below are the books I have slated for 2017.  Spy any books you're reading this year?  Do you have any suggestions for what I should add to my list?  Let me know in the comments!
Moonlight over Manhattan by Sarah Morgan
I spied this book while perusing a 1 pound section at a London bookstore in October.  It was an uncorrected proof from HQ and was glittery and said #QueenofChristmas on the cover.  I was sold.  And the store ended up giving it to me for free since I purchased SO MANY BOOKS!
Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe by Melissa De La Cruz
Confession - I don't think I've ever read Pride and Pr…

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